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The 3D Coaching Method is applicable in an amazing variety of circumstances – individuals, groups, and enterprises, either online or in-person.

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That’s one of the nice features of lifestyle and business coaching: everyone, by necessity, get their own plan.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one coaching session. Well begun is half done.
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Creative Lifestyle Journey Workbooks

Creative Lifestyle Coaching

This is the basic workbook in The 3D Coaching Method, and an accompanying book that explains it in great detail. 

Spiritual Discovery Coaching

There are two things that automation can’t take away from us: creativity and spirituality. This workbook explores that from a different angle – it discovers spirituality through creativity.
Creative Spirituality Workbook
The Agile Team Workbook

Team Coordination Coaching

Individual players don’t win games, teams do. Soldiers fight mostly for those in their squad. This workbook takes The 3D Coaching Method and applies it to groups.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Is it possible to be healthy in a world of junk food marketing and electronic entertainment overload? This workbook uses The 3D Coaching Method to put that within reach.
The Healthy Lifestyle Workbook
Intentional Inspiration - Christian Lifestyle - Workbook

Intentional Inspiration

This workbook is intended for used by Christian individuals and church groups. It explores the creativity of God, the habits that make spiritual growth possible, and the mission that will provide a calling for you.

The Creativity Workbook

The Creativity Workbook is the first section of Creative Lifestyle Workbook, provided for those who wish to explore just that portion of The 3D Coaching Method.

The Habits Workbook

The Habits Workbook is the second section of Creative Lifestyle Workbook, provided for those who wish to explore just that portion of The 3D Coaching Method.

The Mission Workbook

The Mission Workbook is the third section of Creative Lifestyle Workbook, provided for those who wish to explore just that portion of The 3D Coaching Method.

Presencing Practice Workbook

The Presencing Practice Workbook is the Christian's answer to a popular program in our society called MIndfulness Meditation, which is adopted from the meditation practices of the east and seeks to get below the surface of our secular and scientific mindsets. However, for the Christian that is not adequate, who can go beyond that into the Presence of God and so experience all the riches that produces.

Lead Your Ship Workbook

We all influence others whether you are a mom or a manager. Moms and dads influence their kids every single day. Managers influence each one they lead from accounting to sales. This is also true for each and every profession. Most people have not realized that they can affect lives in a positive realm. The one who interacts in this Leadership Program online or in-person will have their perspective change about who they are and what their life can mean. Lead Your Ship Workbook will help you add value to your life and increase your ability and desire to influence others.

Our Method

What exactly is The 3D Coaching Method? It is Discover, Develop, and Deploy. See below!


What you will discover is your own creativity, and more and more of it.


Like the foundation girders of a building, developing habits is the structure that allows creativity to survive and thrive.


When creativity is discovered and habits are developed, they are deployed through the focus that “being on a mission” provides.
Ed has been a diehard leader in our [company's] efforts, and I am excited to be on this journey with him.


I finally get it! I did not realize I could use my creative talent to make money!


[Ed] gave me the advice and confidence to go after the girl I would eventually marry and was there when I married her. 


I appreciate the habit skills I learned in their program. It has affected all areas of my life.


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Creative Lifestyle Coaches serve everyone on all walks of life, and make new ones!
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