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What exactly is The 3D Coaching Method? It is Discover, Develop, and Deploy. See below!


What you will discover is your own creativity, and more and more of it.


Like the foundation girders of a building, developing habits is the structure that allows creativity to survive and thrive.


When creativity is discovered and habits are developed, they are deployed through the focus that “being on a mission” provides.
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Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
 by John C. Maxwell

Ed Rosenberg

Early education in the arts inspired creativity which later was used in creating computer programs. That began a long career in information technology. At the same time the family was greatly expanding and that started a twenty-five-year volunteer work in sports coaching and leading a Boy Scout Troop. This taught him about mission. This produced leadership learning that was a factor in his being asked to assume a management position at his corporate employer. While there, he began to teach classes in the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, during which he realized that the ability to develop habits was needed for success. Also, during this time, he obtained certification as a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach.

Monica Rosenberg

Monica was raised in a great family with seven kids, in which she had to be very creative to get noticed. She has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and worked both as a buyer and manager in the retail arena. Monica also spent over 20 years in full-time ministry, where she wore many “hats.” Her favorite position was Director of Women’s Ministry in a large non-denominational church. She developed a weekly women’s ministry and leadership program that lasted for eight years. The skills she gleaned in this position taught her the importance of developing good habits and keeping and staying on mission. She and Ed, (Mr. Wonderful) have ten children and seven grandchildren between them. They share a love of seeing others grow into their creative purpose.
Monica Rosenberg portrait

Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
 by John C. Maxwell

Ed has been a diehard leader in our [company's] efforts, and I am excited to be on this journey with him.


I finally get it! I did not realize I could use my creative talent to make money!


[Ed] gave me the advice and confidence to go after the girl I would eventually marry and was there when I married her. 


I appreciate the habit skills I learned in their program. It has affected all areas of my life.


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That’s one of the nice features of lifestyle and business coaching: everyone, by necessity, get their own plan.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one coaching session. Well begun is half done.
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